Mario Kart Video Shows The Game’s Most Unlucky Player

Mario Kart Video Shows The Game's Most Unlucky Player

Mario Kart Video Shows The Game’s Most Unlucky Player

Recent Twitter video shows the unluckiest player in the Mario Kart franchise. Thanks to Nintendo’s ability keep the Mario Kart series current with new courses and characters, while keeping the original format, the series has remained immensely successful over the years. The most popular Mario Kart title, Mario Kart8 , was the Mario Kart racing game in the United States. Many fans still love to play older games, even though there have been many games in the racing series over the years.

Items are a hallmark feature of the Mario Kart franchise. These items are available for players to pick-up by driving through boxes marked with question marks. They can be used in a variety of ways. Some items can increase a player’s speed while others can slow down or prevent them from getting ahead. There are many colors in the Mario Kart franchise, which can be used to target players. These include the red, green, and even the feared Mario Kart Blue shell.

One Mario Kart enthusiast who goes by the Twitter handle Tyomatee posted a video showing the unfortunate events that caused a player to lose a race in Mario Kart Wii. The video shows the player riding a motorcycle as Princess Daisy and crossing a swinging wooden bridge just before the finish. The player is hit twice with the red and blue shells as they drive across the bridge. After that, another red shell is thrown at them. After regaining their composure, the player is pushed to one side by another player and then hit with a third red shell. The player is then pushed off the bridge and pushed by another player. Lakitu brings the player back onto the track and Mario Kart’s Bullet Bill takes them off the track.

Mario Kart players know that the CPU or another player will often use an item to stop the player. In the video of tyomateee, however, the player is not hit only once or twice by an object. The player is basically stopped by several items, some of which are used against them intentionally and others that simply happen to hit him. To make matters worse, the video shows several players hitting the racer twice, causing them to fall off the course. This clip proves that the Mario Kart driver is truly the worst player.

Now, it is being speculated that Nintendo will announce that it is developing Mario Kart 9.. New items will be available if the game follows the old formula. We hope that the newer game won’t be as luckless as the Mario Kart racer.



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