Uncharted LEGO Set Could Be Coming Soon According To Rumor

Uncharted LEGO Set Could Be Coming Soon According To Rumor

Uncharted LEGO Set Could Be Coming Soon According To Rumor

Rumours suggest that a LEGO official set inspired by Uncharted may be revealed in the near future. Naughty Dog’s third person shooter series stars Nathan Drake, an adventurous archeologist who takes players on intercontinental adventures to find valuable treasures. Many gamers look forward to brick-based building kits with Sega’s Sonic the HedgehogLEGO Set releasing on January 1.

The LEGO brand’s plastic building sets, which were established in 1932 have been a household name around the globe. These construction toys allow users to create amazing sculptures using small miniature figures that act as people. Although some people prefer to build their own LEGO brick models, the instructions included in each set will help you create your final product. LEGO kits that are based on popular franchises such as Star Wars and Harry Potter have been very popular in recent years. LEGO Ideas allows fans to create sets that can become official products. One fan’s Kirby’s Dream LandLEGO set was recently added to the system as a pink hero by Nintendo.

According to Push square, rumors have it that a Uncharted LEGO set is in the making. The themed LEGO kit will contain 1,326 pieces and include a Jeep as well as a cave. It was apparently discovered by dedicated LEGO communities. The rumor is supported by Nathan Drake, the series’ protagonist. He has a history of driving and being chased down by Jeeps. These claims are not confirmed by Push Square , but Push Square reports that the kit will be available in March. This would mean that LEGO will make an official announcement in the near future.

The Unchartedfranchise, which was the last installment in the series, is now perhaps more popular than ever. Naughty Dog’s games inspired a movie that will be released worldwide in February 2022. It stars Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, and Mark Wahlberg plays his mentor Sully. The Legacy of Thieves Collection release date is set for January 28. This updated rerelease will contain Uncharted 4 : A Thief’s End and The Lost Legacy. Both titles were launched on the PlayStation 4. In 2022, a PC version of the Legacy of Thieves Collection will be released.

LEGO has been around for many decades and continues to be a popular brand of plastic bricks. The Unchartedseries has been able to allow fans to build vehicles and locations from many franchises. An Uncharted LEGO kit seems like the perfect partnership, considering Nathan Drake has visited many exotic locations in the series.



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