Red Hood Breaks His Pledge to Give Up Firearms in Epic New Cosplay

Red Hood Breaks His Pledge to Give Up Firearms in Epic New Cosplay

Red Hood Breaks His Pledge to Give Up Firearms in Epic New Cosplay

Red Hood promised Bat that he would no longer use firearms. However, he violates that promise by engaging in epic cosplay. Reddit user Takoyaki67 shared an example of a recent photoshoot in which Red Hood brandished two guns and fired them at an unknown target.

Red Hood is Jason Todd. He’s the second Robin. Todd died at the hands the Joker. He was resurrected many years later and took the name Red Hood to dispense violent justice on Gotham’s underworld. Red Hood was not afraid to kill, even if it meant using guns. Red Hood was often at odds with Batman because of his dislike for guns. Red Hood also harbored bitterness towards his mentor and blamed Batman for his death. Relations between the two men have improved. Red Hood has now tempered violent tendencies and will use non-lethal force. Red Hood also pledged to stop using firearms. He first agreed to only use rubber bullets, then he gave up guns altogether. Red Hood’s recent actions have resulted in him being fully accepted back into the Bat-Family. However, a new epic cosplay shows him breaking his vow not to Batman.

Two photos were uploaded by Takoyaki67 in a Reddit post. The first photo shows an unidentified cosplayer in an earlier version of Red Hood’s costume. He is seen standing in a neon-lit street and firing two guns at an unidentified target. This is clearly violating Batman’s “no gun” rule. As you can see in the second behind-the scenes photo, the background was digitally added. It looks as though Red Hood has stepped into the real world and is ready to inflict brutal justice on those who prey upon the innocent. The cosplay is amazing.

Red Hood’s decision not to carry guns was a huge step forward in his character. Since 2005’s Batman #335,Red Hood has been fighting for justice with firearms. He was aware that Batman would not approve of the use of firearms, but he still used them. Red Hood is now coming to terms with his death, and has to look inward as a result. He has made peace with Batman and his Bat-Family and now takes up the baton alongside Nightwing, Spoiler, and Tim Drake. Red Hood has made efforts to show mercy and compassion. Guns had to be let go. This cosplay shoot will see that all of this comes to an abrupt halt. Fans can only picture Batman ,, and the rest the Bat-Family’s pain at Red Hood’s violent, gun-toting ways.

Red Hood’s story is not easy. He started life as a street child and was then brutally murdered after he had the chance of his life. While his anger is understandable, his use of guns was not. He learned to accept this and stopped using guns. He breaks his vow to the fans and breaks their hearts during a cosplay shoot.


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