Scream 2022: All The Clues To The Killer Identity Twist

Scream 2022: All The Clues To The Killer Identity Twist

Scream 2022: All The Clues To The Killer Identity Twist

The Scream 2022 is a franchise film that plays on horror expectations and horror rules. However, there are still plenty of clues as to the identities of the Ghostfaces. Since Horror 1996, every installment of the franchise has played with audience expectations about the typical horror killer and the most likely surprise twist killer. This aligns with the movie’s pattern of anticipating both the obvious as well as the unexpected. Scream 2022 is not unfamiliar with the franchise’s tendency to subvert expectations and end with an unexpected – but somehow also obvious – Ghostface killer reveal.

There have been many shocking killer revelations in the Scream franchise. This is usually due to the fact that every movie except one has two Ghostfaces working together as an undiscovered alliance. Scream 1996 revealed the two Ghostface murderers, Billy Loomis (Billy’s mom) and Stu Macher. Although they were known all along, it was a surprising twist and betrayal to learn their motives for killing. Scream2 added intrigue to the murders. Sidney Altieri’s classmate Mickey Altieri and Mrs. Loomis, Billy’s mother, joined forces as Ghostface. Scream 3 was the most surprising twist of all. Tab 3 director Roman Bridger revealed himself to be Ghostface and Sidney’s secret half-brother. Scream4 was another family betrayal for Sidney. Jill Roberts’ cousin and Charlie Walker’s classmate revealed themselves to be a Ghostface tag team.

Scream2022’s killers were two of the most suspect characters before the film’s release. This cleverly made viewers believe that it could not be them because of how obvious it was. The twist ending reveals that Amber Freeman (Mikey) and Richie Kirsch, Sam’s boyfriend are Woodsboro 2022 Ghostface murderers. They reveal they met on subReddit fan site. They quickly formed a secret relationship and planned to create a ” Re-quel” from Tab 1 ( Scream 1996). This would give the filmmakers new material. Although the reason Richie and Amber decided to murder Ghostface was not known, Scream 2022 provided clues as to their identities.

The Killer Texting Tara from Amber’s Phone

Scream2022 is a key clue to the identity of the killer. While the typical train of thought for horror would lead one to suspect Amber as the horror-rule-following Ghostface killer due to the texts to Tara coming from her phone, Scream’s subversions of tropes would lead one to think that this is an obvious red herring. Scream2022 instead plays with horror tropes and reveals that Amber is the Ghostface killer. Amber claimed that the Ghostface killer had cloned Amber’s phone in Scream2022’s opening sequence, but it was Amber texting Tara while Richie was outside recording her.

Casting of Mikey Madison as Amber

Casting can be either a subversion or an obvious hint about a character’s motivations. Mikey Madison’s casting as Scream 2022’s Amber Freeman was in line with fans’ suspicions that she would continue her maniacal character streak. Madison rose to prominence after she starred in Quentin Tarantino’s 2019 film Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, in which she played Sadie, a Manson Family member who is murderous. OUATIH was not a whodunit as Scream 22. Instead, her role as a Manson Family child told audiences that she would attempt murder at the end. Madison’s sadistic character was also the subject of OUATIH’s most well-remembered murder. Her face was slammed against walls by Brad Pitt, before she ran at Leonardo DiCaprio and was burned to death with a flame thrower. Scream2022 parodied her OUIH death by smashing her face with a hand sanitizer container before being set on fire from a gas stove. Instead of focusing on Madison’s character Amber , which seemed threatening but was actually an ally to her, Scream2022 took advantage of her talent for playing vicious killers.



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