Donald Duck’s Three Caballeros Head to Japan in New Disney Manga

Donald Duck's Three Caballeros Head to Japan in New Disney Manga

Donald Duck’s Three Caballeros Head to Japan in New Disney Manga

The Three Caballeros are well-known for their world-trotting adventures. Now, Donald Duck and his feathered friends will be featured in a new Disney manga. Donald Duck visits Japan! will be a story by TokyoPop. It introduces this trio of entrepreneurs to a new location. Although they may enjoy hanging out in Latin America, their lives are rapidly changing due to their jobs.

The history of the Three Caballeros dates back to 1944’s film. Panchito Pistoles, Jose Carioca and Donald Duck make up the group. Jose, a Brazilian parrot, was introduced to Saludos Amigos in 1942. Panchito is a Mexican rooster. They join forces with Donald Duck to learn about Latin America and celebrate his birthday. The trio has teamed up for many adventures in Disney media since then, including appearances in DuckTales(2017) and the animated series Legend of the Three Caballeros(2018), as well as the 2007 Walt Disney World attraction, Gran Fiesta Tour.

TokyoPop has announced that Donald Duck will visit Japan, as stated in a press release. Meru Okada will write and illustrate the book. The manga will feature Disney’s bird trio in Japan. They will be learning about Japan’s culture, customs, and clothing. They are currently living in New York City so this move will be nerve-wracking. But, that’s nothing their feathered friends won’t manage when they all get together. This manga is the latest adventure in a few years for the group, and it’s particularly noteworthy. Below is the synopsis, and the non-finalized cover.

Donald Duck is employed by the American furniture company Duck Furnishings. He and Panchito Pistoles (his employees), were transferred to the Asian Culture and Distribution Department two months ago. The phone has not rung once.

The CEO orders them to go to Japan just as they are beginning to question why they were transferred. Before they return to New York City, the three caballeros need to learn as much as they can about Japanese culture, entertainment, food, and clothing. Assuming that they don’t get in too much trouble!

Disney has published many manga series via TokyoPop. These stories feature Disney’s most beloved characters and add new twists. One of the original stories includes sending Lilo & Stitch Stitch into feudal Japan and telling new Nightmare Before Christmas stories regarding Sally, Zero, and others. Many adaptations of movies have been released by TokyoPop in manga form. These include Pixar’s Wall-E and Pixar’s Toy Story. Disney has released an original manga this year that tells a story set in the worlds of Descendants, the Disney Channel Original Movie. After the ending of Descendants, it focuses on Mal, Audrey and Uma. TokyoPop’s latest addition will be Donald Duck’s next adventure.

They have been an underrated trio for a long time, so it is surprising that they will soon be the star of a new adventure. They are also associated with Latin America and Mexico, thanks to their attraction at the park. This manga, however, is a wonderful thematic partner for the ride in many different ways. The whole idea behind Walt Disney World’s Gran Fiesta Tour, which takes guests to Mexico, is that they will be able to learn about Mexico’s culture while touring with Donald. This will lead them to a concert put on by Jose and Panchito. Disney’s Three Caballeros would love to explore more countries using manga, which has been added to their travel itinerary. Disneyfans can now read the Three Caballeros’ latest adventure when Donald Duck visits Japan!releases May 31.


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