Here are the five countries with the very best outlook.

5. Indiana

When it regards its prognosis standing historically speaking, Indiana has been on the rise. In 2012, the state rated No. 22 on the record, but by 2014, it ranked third in the nation.

4. Nevada

Nevada, unlike Indiana, stayed in the top 15 for the previous six years, and in 2018, it ranked No. 13 among the. This season, it dropped to Nov. 4.

3. North Dakota

Generally speaking, countries that spend less — especially on income transfer programs — and countries that tax less — particularly on productive activities like investing or working — experience higher growth rates than states that taxation and invest more.

2. Idaho

The country has a debt service as a share of taxation revenue and also legislated some tax changes.

1. Utah

Less than every other state per pupil on education, on public education, and yet they have the highest test scores and the very best results, Moore told David Asman.

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